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Tennis at LRC

Facilities: LRC houses four indoor courts with viewing lofts above the courts and comfortable seating arrangements. Members will often socialize in the lofts while watching friends play casually or in a competitive USTA match. There are six outdoor courts that are meticulously maintained as you can see on the background image. Our nets are constantly being scrutinized for freshness and get replaced when wear is evident. These six courts are used for summer play and the various events we have during the summer months.

Involvement: LRC is heavily involved with USTA leagues, local tournaments, internal social events and weekly social events. Visit the events page to learn more. The professionals and director of tennis operations also cater to the youth by providing tutoring for beginners, all levels of instruction, skills and drills to work on those action shots and personal teachings to help you get in the game both physically and mentally.

Technology: Our teaching staff use the latest in technology to improve your game! From ball machines, to various teaching tools and techniques, video recording the sessions. They strive to make your game better to win that next match!