Privacy Policy

Lakewood Racquet Club prides itself in protecting your privacy and data. We will never sell your data or allow others access to your data. We do not engage in trading practices of data. The data we collect from you is protected using the latest technology in cryptographic security.


Lakewood Racquet Club does not use any cookie based authentication. This is to provide you with a secure environment with the knowledge that your data won't be compromised.


Lakewood Racquet Club will never offer sensitive data to other users during the searching of players. We feel this is a violation of your privacy and will never put that at risk. It is up to you to provide that sensitive information to the other members you meet Lakewood Racquet Club.


Lakewood Racquet Club will always consider your preferences of opting in/out of various methods of communication. When registering for the first time, these settings are enabled by default. You must edit your account to opt-out of the communications methods.

Payment Information

Your payment information is safe with us. As aforementioned, we pride ourselves in protecting your data with the latest in security. We are constantly testing and applying new methods of securing your data.